Grodków – St Michael’s Church


   The church of St. Michael in Grodków was built in the early gothic style in the 13th century. The erected church was brick, single-nave, without chapels and a tower. Its founder was most probably prince Henryk IV Probus. In 1363, the church was expanded. A chancel was built from the old building, and the main nave and two aisles were added to it. A bell tower was built next to the church. Until 1473, the church wore the call of the Blessed Virgin Mary or the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the sixteenth century, it was taken over by Protestants, who after one hundred years had to hand over the object. In the 17th century the church was rebuilt, however in 1893 its regothisation took place.


   Gothic church of Saint Michael in Grodków is composed of a three-nave, four-span basilica corpus with chapels at aisles and a two-story, three-span chancel, ended by a straight wall. At the chancel from the south there is an old sacristy from the 13th century, and from the north a new sacristy from the 15th to the 16th century. In the corner of the chancel and the southern nave there is a cylindrical staircase. From the west to the corpus is added a massive, four-sided tower, divided by cornices on the storeys. The tower is crowned with battlement and covered with a pyramidal helmet. Outside the chancel, the aisles and the sacristy are buttressed, the nave is trimmed with pilaster strips. The chancel is decorated in the middle of the height with a frieze.
The interior of the church is illuminated with pointed windows with tracery. The eastern gable of the chancel is decorated with three pointed blendes. Four gothic portals have been preserved in the church. The most magnificent of them leads from the chancel to the sacristy. Inside the chancel is rib vault with carved bosses. Side chapels and porches also cover rib vaulted. The nave is open to the aisles with pointed arcades, supported on rectangular pillars. There is also a chancel arch and arcades connecting chapels and porches with aisles.

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