Gródek – Teutonic Castle


   A small Teutonic castle in Gródek was built between 1308 and 1360 on the site of an older hillfort. It fulfilled the administrative role under the command of the Świecie commandry, it could also guard the crossing over Czarna Wda river. It operated briefly, after 1461 only the farm was mentioned. Eventually, the buildings were demolished in the 17th century.


   The foundation consisted of a proper castle and a outer bailey. It had an irregular arrangement, adapted to the shape of the hill. The main castle had dimensions of 23×40 meters, three wings: south, north and east, housing chapels. From the west, a gatehouse erected in front of the curtain was rising, preceded by a dry moat. Behind it was a outer bailey.

Current state

   The castle has not survived, only small parts of the brick walls of the ground floor can be found on the hill.

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