Góra – St Barbara’s Church


   Probably the church of St. Barbara comes from the end of the fifteenth century and was founded by a wealthy Brodeccy family, who was the owner of the Góra before 1493. The first source information about the church comes from 1596. In the years 1598-1638 Protestant celebrations were held in the church, but as a result of the recatolization which the Habsburgs undertook, the Calvinists were forced to leave the Góra and the entire Pszczyna region. In 1950 the church was significantly expanded by moving the tower, adding the nave and surrounding by arcades.


   The church is orientated, in log construction, partly based on bricks. The chancel, which was originally a chapel, is three-side ended. The nave, wider and higher than the chancel, was built on a rectangular plan. Next to it stands a tower with walls covered with shingles, partly embedded in the church’s nave.

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