Gołymin – church of St John the Baptist


   The parish in Gołymin was founded in the first half of the fifteenth century, and the brick church was erected at the beginning of the sixteenth century. In 1806 it was destroyed by fire, but it was rebuilt around 1820. In the third quarter of the nineteenth century, the porches were added and the ceiling was replaced. Before 1935, the interior of the church was transformed, including the presbytery vault.


   The church is orientated, built of brick in a flemish bond and supplemented with erratic stones and a heavily burnt zendrówka brick. It consists of a aisleless, rectangular nave and a non-externally separated chancel (inside the single-bay presbytery is separated by an arcade). In corners and along longer walls, it is reinforced with buttresses. On the north-east side, the gothic sacristy was added, the porches are modern additions. A characteristic feature of the church are two magnificent gothic gables: eastern and western. It have doubled blendes in five levels and finial in the form of pinnacles with small gables and oculuses. The west portal was placed in a recess enclosed by an ogee arch, and the portal to the sacristy in a high recess with two arches. The interior of the nave is covered with a wooden, open roof truss, while the sacristy and treasury are covered by cross vault with ribs with a rectangular cross-section.

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