Gołuchów – castle


   The beginnings of the castle are connected with Rafał IV Leszczynski, which around 1560 was to build a brick, fortified manor house, although fragments of the wall with a monk bond could indicate an earlier, 15th-century castle erection. In the years 1600-1628 the family residence was rebuilt by Wacław Leszczyński, the grand crown chancellor, obtaining an early-baroque residence with a palace décor. In 1695, the Leszczyński family sold Gołuchów to the Suszko family. Then the castle changed owners many times, remaining without major changes to the second half of the nineteenth century, when it was already in a state of advanced ruin. In the years 1872-1885, Izabela Działyńska carried out a thorough reconstruction combined with a renovation, as a result of which the palace complex gained the features of the French neo-renaissance. In the reconstructed castle Izabella placed a collection of works of art, allocating it to an open-access museum.


   The castle was situated on the edge of a low hill surrounded on two sides by the Ciemna River and on the third by its backwaters. The last direction was protected by a moat. Originally in the 16th century castle had the form of a four-storey tower house erected on a rectangular plan and enclosed in the corners with octagonal towers. A shooting porch was established on the top floor. The entrance was from the east.
   During the 17th century reconstruction, a southern wing was built on a rectangular plan, with a six-sided tower in the south-west corner and two one-bay links. In this way, an internal courtyard with a porch and loggia was created.

Current state

   Three corner towers have survived from the original Leszczyński castle. The main corpus of today’s monument is the southern wing added in the 17th century. It houses a branch of the National Museum in Poznań with an exhibition of historic interiors and works of art, including part of the collection of ancient Greek vases acquired by Jan Działyński. The museum is open to tourists from Tuesday to Thursday 9:00 – 15:00 (11.00-17.00 from 16 June to 15 September), on Fridays from 12.00 to 21.00, on Saturdays and Sundays from 11.00 to 18.00.

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