Golub Dobrzyń – St Catherine’s church


The church of St. Catherine in Golub was erected at the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Unfortunately, already in 1414, the building became a victim of a warfare. Restored carefully from the order of bishop Arnold, it was seriously damaged again in 1689, when the lightning struck the tower, destroying the ornamentation and cornices. By the time the parish priest Szefler, the tower was rebuilt, but in a different style.


The original building included only today’s chancel, which was established already in 1293. In 1320-1350 the church was enlarged considerably by building a nave with a wooden ceiling and a powerful tower with a width of 8,9 meters. Two chapels were also added to the nave, of which the south one, later completed with an attic, received a low, pointed arcade, while the northern one had a mono-pitched roof, which was an extension of the roof of the church. From the beginning of the church, the late-gothic door fittings, the granite water vessel at the door and the tombstone of Krzysztof Kostka has preserved.

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