Golub Dobrzyń – St Catherine’s Church


   The church of St. Catherine in Golub was built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries, probably in two stages. First, the chancel was established, and a little later around the mid-fourteenth century, the nave with the tower. Unfortunately, as early as in 1410 the building became a victim of warfare, and the damage suffered was estimated four years later at 120 fines. Carefully restored by order of Bishop Arnold, it was seriously damaged again in 1689, when a lightning struck the tower destroying ornamentation and cornices. The tower was rebuilt thanks to the efforts of the then parson. A thorough renovation was also carried out in the nineteenth century. During it among others the southern porch was transformed.


   The church was located in the central part of the town of Golub, situated in the bend of the Drwęca River. The temple was located about 100 meters south of the market, and the rectangular plot on which it was placed was surrounded by a wall. On the south side, one block of buildings separated the church from the town’s fortifications.
   The original building included only today’s chancel, consisting of two bays on rectangular plan and a polygonal closure on the eastern side. Its vaults were given a rare form, not repeated anywhere else in the Chełmno region. They are based on triangular bays, of which, however, only two western ones have an inscribed three-ray (this type of vault was first used in England at Lady Chapel at Chester Cathedral). Despite the originality, the ribs were arranged quite carelessly in Golub because they do not run in straight lines. Therefore, it is supposed that they were erected after the fire of 1410, based on an older pattern from the second quarter of the fourteenth century.
   In the years 1320–1350 the church was enlarged by adding a nave with a wooden ceiling and a 8.9 meters wide tower. In addition, two chapels were added to the nave, from which the southern one received a low ogival arcade, while the northern received a mono-pitched roof, which is an extension of the church roof. The sacristy was located on the northern side of the chancel. The tower received specific arcades on the northern and southern sides with a kind of gate passage in the ground floor and the original crown with four pinnacles with a decorative battlement (motif also of the English genesis).

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