Gnojnik – St Martin’s Church


   Church of St. Marcin was built in 1380 from the foundation of Marek Żegota, a Cracow canon and custodian of the Sandomierz collegiate church, then the owner of Gnojnik. The consecration of the building was made two years later by the Cracow bishop Jan Radlica. In the years 1575-1617, the church was converted into an Arian congregation, and after being restored by Catholics, renovated in 1633. In 1657, the temple was ravaged, as a result of the invasion of the Transylvanian army. In 1900, it was partially transformed in the neo-gothic style, when a new tower was added to the place of a wooden one, the roofs were rebuilt and the ridge turret was built for a bell. In 1963, a brick porch was added in place of a wooden one from the south.


   The church is a stone building, one nave. It consists of a square nave, a tower with a porch in the ground floor, originally half the lower and two-bay,  three side ended chancel, with the sacristy from the north. Outside the church is clasped with buttresses and surrounded by a stone plinth. There are numerous arrowslits in the walls. Inside the chancel there is a gothic rib vault, with ribs passing in the ancillary columns, in the aisle there is a flat ceiling. On the south side there is a pointed, stone portal with pinnacles and adorned with tracery, from around 1380.

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