Głuchołazy – St Lawrence’s Church


The church of St. Lawrence was erected in the 13th century, probably shortly after the location of the city in 1250. In 1428, the Hussites plundered and burned the church from which the bare walls were left. Reconstruction lasted until 1460, and during it. a higher chancel was created. This would indicate the intended construction of a more magnificent temple, which, however, did not occur. The contemporary appearance of the building dates back to 1729-33. Then, at the request of bishop Franz Ludwig von Neuenburg, the church was rebuilt in the baroque style.


The original church was a brick building in the romanesque-gothic style, single-nave, orientated, with a two-tower façade. In the fifteenth century, the chancel was rebuilt and raised in the gothic spirit. Currently, the western massif with two towers remained from the medieval building. Four arrowslits and single windows in stone frames have been preserved in it. The most valuable element is the main portal with romanesque-gothic features. It has pointed, profiled archivolt and columns topped with heads on which there are masks depicting perhaps the faces of monks.

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