Głogów – St Nicholas’ Church


   The church of St. Nicholas, the most important temple of the left-bank Głogów, was built as a late Romanesque basilica in the 30’s and 40’s of the 13th century. A chancel was built than as well as a nave with apses. After a great fire in the town in 1291, the church was rebuilt in the Gothic style. Reconstruction after the fire of 1758 gave the interior of the temple a character preserved to our times. The windows of the nave and the choir were changed into a baroque one and the upper storey of the tower was added. The church was destroyed in 1945 and since then remains a ruin, subjected periodically to security work.


   The Gothic church from the beginning of the 14th century was a three-aisle basilica, which had an elongated and polygonal ended chancel. Apses of the aisles of the earlier Romanesque building were replaced with rectangular chapels. From the west, a tower with side annexes constituting an extensions of the side aisles, was built. The interior was covered with a rib vault.

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