Garbno – church of Our Lady


The church in Garbno was probably built in the fourteenth or early fifteenth century, on an elevation extended to the Gubra valley. Initially, it had the call of St. Catherine. Until the sixteenth century, it was under the patronage of the Teutonic Order, and after the secularization of Prussia, it served Lutherans. In the 17th century, it underwent a thorough reconstruction, so that only the tower remained from the original building. In the years 1728-1732, from the east, a new nave with an apse was added, which Catholics took over. In 1818, the gale passing over the area, made the devastation of the temple within six hours. Strong gusts of wind knocked off the tower roof with fragments of the wall, which, falling on the nave and piercing the ceiling, destroyed most of the church’s furnishings. The stock of grain collected by the parish priest in the attic of the church was also destroyed. After this event, the renovation of the building was completed only in 1824. During World War II, the church was almost completely destroyed, only the walls of the medieval tower have survived. The new church was erected on the old foundations in the 1980s.


The original church was an aisleless structure on a rectangular plan with a four-sided, massive tower from the west. It was built of brick on a foundation of stones. Each façade of the tower has been decorated with blendes, and on the top floor, ogival windows have been pierced in order to improve the audibility of the church bells. Single, smaller windows were also placed on the lower floors. The tower is crowned with a pyramidal roof.

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