Galiny – church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


The gothic parish church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built around 1388. After 1466, it was enlarged by a nave and a bell tower, which was then raised around 1500. The temple was partially rebuilt and renovated in 1856-1858. From 1525 to 1945, it served Evangelicals, after the Second World War it was again taken by Catholics.


It is a temple orientated, aisleless with a separate, straight ended chancel. It was built on a rectangular plan of field stones and bricks. From the north there is a porch and a chapel, while from the west there is a square, four-storey tower with a porch in the ground floor, to which an pointed portal leads. At the entrance, iron stocks were embedded. The tower has been decorated with plastered blendes and intersecting arches of traceries and neo-gothic gables. The whole was covered with a gable roof on the axis parallel to the roof of the tower. The walls of the nave with the exception of the north façade were divided with pointed windows and reinforced with buttresses. They were topped with stepped gables.

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