Frombork – Water Tower


   The tower was built in 1571 using the lower parts of the walls of the mill existing since the 15th century. A water supply device was installed there, by means of which, wooden pipes were supplied water to the Cathedral Hill. The innovative and modern, at that time device was constructed by Walenty Hendel, a Wrocław resident. It was the only such installation in Poland and the second after Augsburg in Europe. The tower functioned until the middle of the 18th century, when the hydrotechnical equipment was dismantled.


   The Water Tower is built on a rectangular plan, made of ceramic brick with two phases of construction visible in elevations, diverse with a bond. In the northern and southern elevations there are semicircular closed window openings corresponding to the original inter-floor division. In the west façade, there is an entrance hole and three rectangular old door openings leading to the now existing mill building.

Current state

   Currently, the tower is privately owned, there is a lookout point with a view of the whole town and a café in it.

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