Frombork – St Nicholas Church


Church of St. Nicholas, a former parish church of Frombork, was built at the end of the 14th century. In subsequent centuries it was seriously damaged several times and then rebuilt, which, however, did not erase its original character. Fires ruined his interior, among others in 1414, 1440 and 1454. In 1461 it was partially destroyed during the siege of the city. Then the entire western wall collapsed along with the row of pillars. The reconstruction was carried out in the years 1461-1507. The church was again damaged in 1520 and in 1574. After rebuilding, it was re-consecrated by bishop Marcin Kromer in 1582. Reconstruction works were also carried out in the years 1691-1694. Once again, the upper part of the western wall, gables and roofs were reconstructed, and the entire interior was covered with vaults (previously there was a flat ceiling) and a western porch was added. In 1703, the 16th century belfry was rebuilt. Once again, the church was destroyed in 1945, during the Second World War – the roof and the entire baroque interior were then completely burned, only the perimeter walls were preserved. The construction was secured and rubble was removed only in 1960, and its reconstruction was carried out in the seventies of the twentieth century.


It is a gothic church, not orientated, made of brick, erected on a rectangular plan, as a three-nave hall without a separate chancel. On the western side there is a porch and a rectangular sacristy on the east side. The facades of the nave are supported by buttresses and divided by pointed windows and decorated with slender pointed blendes. Portals with stepped, profiled frames have the same shape. The triangular gables of the building (north and south) were divided by five pointed blendes. Above the sacristy there is pinnacle-stepped semi-gable, decorated with blendes of the same shape. The nave is covered with a gable roof made of tiles, a sacristy and a porch – mono-pitched roofs. The interior of the church was divided by octagonal pillars. On the eastern side they are original, from the west they come from the beginning of the sixteenth century. In the sacristy there are traces of rib vaults from the first half of the 14th century.

Current state

Currently, the monument can be seen only from the outside, in the future it is planned to adopt the church for the diocesan museum.

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