Elbląg – Holy Spirit Church


   Church of Holy Spirit was founded at the end of the thirteenth century and belonged to the complex of buildings of the Holy Spirit Hospital, erected for the needs of the Teutonic Order. From 1312, it was the Order’s supreme hospital. In 1454, the complex became the property of the city. From the 16th to the 19th century, the church was called “Polish” because its parish was home to many Polish evangelicals from Elbląg and suburban areas. At the church there was a school, which in historical sources was called a Polish school. After the destruction of World War II, the church was rebuilt and adapted to the seat of the public library.


   The hospital church is a single-nave, aisleless building, once with groin vaults. From the west side adjoined it the main hospital building, so-called the “great house”, to which from the south-east a second building was added, called by its users a “great room”. A large courtyard adjoined the church and hospital from the south. The entire courtyard was surrounded by a wall which fragments have survived to the present day.

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