Dzietrzychowice – tower house


   The tower house in Dzietrzychowice was probably built in the fourteenth century. It was a local defensive point on the route from Żagań castellany to Nowogród. In the documents from 1474, the building is referred to as the “knight’s seat”. Over several centuries, it was rebuilt, however, no source messages regarding these works, have survived. Traces of remodeling can be seen on the facades of the monument. As it appears from iconographic sources, after World War II the building was ruined and devoid of roof. At that time, the 18th century annexes at the tower were demolished.


   The tower house was created on a plan similar to a square with dimensions 7.6 x 8.7 meters, on a small hill near the pond in the western part of the village. It was built of erratic stones, bricks and turf ore bonded with lime mortar. Thick, about a meter long walls indicate the defensive character of the building.
The three-storey building was covered with a steep hip roof, and its façades were arranged irregularly with window openings. Originally, they were small Gothic windows, placed from the inside in deep, broad recesses. The basement and ground floor were illuminated only by small slit windows, so only on the upper floor you can guess living and representative rooms. In the west front facade, entrance portals to the ground floor and basement have been placed. Both received pointed arch jambs. The western wall originally contained a latrine projection.
The interior was divided by timber ceilings into storeys of various heights. Communication between them was done with a ladder stairs. It has a single-space, vaulted cellar with a recess for the candle at the entrance. According to legend, this room supposed to have a secret entrance, leading under the pond, towards the monastery farm.

Current state

   Currently, the tower is privately owned and renovated from the 1990s. It obtained a new roof truss and a roof covered with ceramic tiles. The original character of the tower was distorted especially by large modern windows that have traces of numerous rebuildings.

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