Dziekanowice – church of St Mary Magdalene and St Nicholas


   The church of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Nicholas in Dziekanowice comes from the twelfth or thirteenth century. It is possible that its founder was priince Kazimierz Sprawiedliwy. In the 17th century, the nave was added to the church, followed by the sacristy, as a result of which the medieval church became a presbytery fused into a new temple.


   The Romanesque church was made of sandstone blocks, which were decorated with diagonal cuts. There are also stonework house marks on them, showing the combination of a cross and a half circle. Originally it consisted of a small rectangular nave and a narrower, tiny, square chancel. Inside the presbytery there is a groin vault supported on Romanesque corbels. There are also remnants of valuable wall paintings from the 12th century.

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