Drzewica – St Luke’s Church


   Church of St. Luke in Drzewica was erected in 1315 from the foundation of the Drzewiecki family of the Ciołek coat of arms, and six years later the archbishop of Gniezno established a parish in the town. In 1462, the building was renovated or finished by the brothers Mikołaj and Jan Ciołek. During the Reformation, in 1551-1610 the church was in the hands of the Calvinists. In the years 1908-1914, it was expanded according to the design of architect Jarosław Wojciechowski. It kept the old part of the building unchanged, but extended the nave by two bays, raised the transept and built a new chancel.


   The original, medieval church consisted of a nave and a tower on the west side. It had the characteristics of a defensive structure: the circular shape of the tower and the narrow arrowslits. The tower was covered with a helmet roof supported on six columns, which allowed firing enemy at the bottom of the tower. The north wall was devoid of windows, according to the early gothic building tradition. The original chancel was narrower and shorter than the nave and three-sided ended. A small sacristy covered with a mono-pitched roof was added to its northern wall. The whole, including the tower, had multi-stepped buttresses.

Current state

   The eastern part of the church was significantly transformed in the early 20th century. Fortunately, the added transept and the new presbytery refer stylistically to the original building, although church dimensions and layout have been completely changed.

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