Drawsko Pomorskie – church of the Resurrection


The church of the Resurrection in Drawsko Pomorskie was founded at the end of the fourteenth or early fifteenth century on the site of the demolished, earlier church. The new, preserved until now building consisted of a nave with a chancel and sacristy. The founders were the city’s rulers of that time, that is the von Goltz family, von Wedel, von Polentz. At the end of the fifteenth century, a tower was erected. In less than half a century later, in 1537, the city, like the entire West Pomeranian region, underwent Protestantism as a result of the Reformation, which led to the secularization of church goods. In the Drawsko parish church, the place of Catholic clerics was taken by evangelical pastors. In 1534, a lot of damage to the church was caused by fire. The church files were burnt then, as well as the interior and the top of the tower. Another numerous fires destroyed the temple in the 17th century. The general renovation began at the beginning of the eighteenth century, another was carried out in 1854 and 1913. During the last World War the temple happily survived and returned to the Catholic Church.


It is a hall church with three naves, with an chancel in the form of an octagonal apse on the eastern side and a four-sided, 75 meters high tower. The outer façades are reinforced with slender buttresses, between which large and narrow windows were placed. The temple is adorned with numerous blendes, placed especially on the tower and the eastern gable. Its most valuable elements are side portals: north and south, which are decorated with bestiaries, that is reliefs burnt in brick, on which are depicted human and mythical figures (dragons, mermaids, centaurs, knights, unicorns) and floral motifs. Inside, a rib vault was used in the side aisles, analogous to four inner vestibules under the tower, while in the sacristy, a stellar vault.

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Webpage drawsko.pl, Zabytki miasta i gminy.