Dolsk – forge


   The historic, arcaded forge in Dolsko was established in 1781 as evidenced by the construction date, placed on the lintel. From 1792, it was owned by the von Tresckow family, then it became part of the rural commune. At that time, the first owner was Schleusener, then the Helterhoff family. From about 1920, the forge belonged to Georg Helterhoff, who ran a blacksmith’s workshop in it. After the Second World War, the building was taken over by the Dębno commune.


   The building was erected in a timber framing construction, in which the frame wall of the wooden structure was filled with clay mixed with sawdust or shavings. Only later some of the walls were rebuilt with bricks and stones. Forge is a one-storey, one-room building, with arcades, covered with a gable roof. The interior of the forge was covered with a beam-clay ceiling, and the floor was a stone pavement. There was an anvil in the center of the forge, the north wall was a furnace with an eaves and blacksmith equipment. The only entrance was placed in the arcaded wall, the interior was lighted by small windows.

Current state

   In 2009, a general renovation was carried out, after which a blacksmith’s tool exhibition was placed in the forge. Despite the late date of construction, the forge was placed on this site, due to the small transformations of the timber framing construction technique since the Middle Ages.

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