Dobre Miasto – city defensive walls


Dobre Miasto was established in the place of the Prussian hillfort, located among swamps and marshes of the Łyna river. For the defense and the mill purposes, the canal was dug and an artificial island was created. In the 14th century, the defense of the city was increased by the construction of brick defensive walls. They were strengthened with towers and three gate towers: Ornecka, Meadow and Głotowska.

Current state

An element of defensive walls that survived to the present day in the best condition is the so-called Stork Tower. This monument, unique for Warmia, was erected on a circle, has five shooting levels and a prison cell. The building is covered with a conical roof, has very thick walls built of red brick and granite in the lower part. The only entrance to the interior is a massive, pointed wicket. Inside the museum of the history of the Dobre Miasto is located. Apart from Strork Tower, traces of old fortifications can still be seen at Malczewskiego street, where the ruins of the second tower remained.

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