Dobiegniew – Christ the King church


The church of Christ the King in Dobiegniew was built after the fire of the older temple in 1417. Until 1534 it belonged to Catholics and wore the call of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As a result of the Reformation, the majority of the town’s inhabitants became Evangelicals and for the needs of their commune, the parish church was handed over. After the fire of 1641, the temple was rebuilt with the support of the Brandenburg elector Friedrich Wilhelm. The building, however, was unlucky, as it suffered further damages in 1710. In the fire, the tower and the roof were destroyed. The reconstruction of the tower was completed only in the nineteenth century, after another modernization of the church. The church survived the period of the Second World War without loss.


The church is a three-nave structure in a hall layout. The main corpus, covered with a high gable roof, adjoins the chancel with a three-sided closure from the east. There is a sacristy at the southern wall of the chancel. On the western side there is a rectangular tower entirely from the 19th century. The church was built of brick, and the roofing is covered with a tile. The brick façades are articulated with rhythmically arranged pointed windows and three-stepped buttresses. In the north and south elevation there are gothic portals with a pointed pattern, decorated with frieze of glazed terracotta tiles with representations of animals, human heads, riders and plant tendrils. The interior is covered with rib vaults.

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