Dębowa Łąka – church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul


   The parish church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul in Dębowa Łąka was established at the turn of the thirteenth / fourteenth century. It was burnt in 1410, and rebuilt in 1445. At the beginning of the 17th century, reconstruction was carried out in the renaissance style.


   The building was erected of stones, only the gables and upper floors of the tower were built of bricks. It was created as a simple aisleless building on a rectangular plan, with a small four-sided sacristy on the north side, a square, plastered chapel, transformed from the former porch in the 17th century at the southern wall and with a square tower from the west. The eastern gable dates from the fourteenth century, it is stepped, divided by diagonally arranged pinnacles, between which there are blendes. The west gable is embedded in the tower, also decorated with ogival blendes. The tower was divided into three floors with plastered friezes and decorated with blendes. A richly moulded ogival portal was placed in it from the west. The roof over the nave is gable, mono-pitched over the sacristy, and the tower is covered with a brick spire. The interior of the church was covered with a beam ceiling, probably of the 18th century, the sacristy is barrel vaulted, the chapel has a cross vault.

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