Dębno – St Margaret’s Church


   The church of St. Margaret in Dębno was built at the turn of the fifteenth and sixteenth century from the foundation of Jakub from Dębno, the Grand Crown Chancellor. The construction of the church was completed by another owner of Dębno, Jakub Szczekocki, and consecrated in 1504 by the bishop of Kraków, John. Until the seventeenth century, the temple had the call of Holy Trinity. In 1789, a timber, overhanged porch was built above the tower. In the years 1899-1903, the church was thoroughly renovated, then the nave ceilings were replaced, new gables were added, a ridge turret was built for a bell and the vestibule of the sacristy was created.


   Church of St. Margaret is a late-Gothic, single-nave, orientated building. It is made of stone, in a simple plan: a rectangular chancel adjoins the aisleless nave from the east, and a tower from the west. On the northern side of the chancel there is a small sacristy. At the southern wall of the nave there is a porch with a stone, stepped portal decorated with the Odrowąż coat of arms. The walls of the church are reinforced with stone buttresses and covered with a gable, ceramic roof. Only the tower, in the lower part of the stone with a timber overhanged porch, is covered with a shingle roof. The entrance portals and window frames as well as sculptural details are carved out of stone.

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