Darłowo – St Mary’s church


   The construction of the St Mary’s church in Darłowo was started in 1321 on the initiative of the bishop Konrad and brothers Święcowie. In 1394, the church tower was erected from the funds of duke Bogusław VIII, and later the sacristy and side chapels were added. The church was destroyed by numerous fires: in 1589, 1624, 1679 and 1722. In a fire in 1679, caused by lightning, the whole interior of the church and the tower burnt down. From 1540, the building was used by Protestants. During this time, many architectural changes have been made, including in 1897, wooden galleries were erected in front of the choir and side aisles. In 1974 works began to restore the gothic character of the building – galleries and plasters that obscured original details were removed.


   The church is a three-nave, four-span basilica with a double-span chancel closed on three sides. On the west there is a four-sided tower, embedded in the corpus and wider than the central nave. On its sides are added two-span chapels. On the extension of the aisles from the west, there is a sacristy from the north and a chapel from the south. Outside, the church is clasped with buttresses, between which there are three-part, large windows. The semi-gables from the side of the chancel and the tower are fragmented with blendes. A frieze in the form of four-leaves circulates above the presbytery windows.
Inside, the nave, chancel and southern chapels are covered with stellar, four-arm vaults. At the end of the chancel there is a semi-stellar, four-armed vault, and in the sacristy there is a rib vault supported by an octagonal pillar. It is worth to pay attention to the tombs of the Pomeranian dukes: Eric I, Elisabeth – the wife of the last Pomeranian prince Bogusław XIV, and Hedwig- the wife of Ulrich, brother of Bogusław XIV.

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