Dąbie – church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


   The church in Dąbie was built in the 13th centuryand in the 15th it was enlarged by a tower and sacristy. Until the 16th century, the temple served Catholics, after passing the owners of the village, von Knobelsdorff and the inhabitants of the settlement to Protestantism, the church became an evangelical congregation. At that time, the original interior was rebuilt to the requirements of the new liturgy. In the first half of the 17th century, during the Thirty Years War, the building suffered damage, which was repaired during reconstruction in 1674. Then the height of the nave was reduced by 3 meters. Subsequent works were carried out in the 19th century and after 1945, when the hosts of the temple were again Catholics.


   The church was built on a plan similar to rectangular of erratic stones and turf ore. From the west side a tower was erected, a square in the plan, powerful as for a village temple. From the north, the sacristy was added. The aisleless church nave does not have an externally separated chancel, which ends with a straight wall. Inside, the nave was covered with a flat timber ceiling and the sacristy with a barrel vault.

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