Chrzelice – castle


   The first record of the castle in Chrzelice comes from 1380 on the occasion of the transaction between Henryk Niemodliński and Peter Heidenrich. In 1388, the castle became the property of prince Władysław Opolczyk. During the Hussite invasions in the years 1428-1434, the castle suffered damages. In 1437, half of the castle and all property were taken over by prince Bolko V. After his death, Chrzelice became the property of the brother of the Czech king – George of Podebrady. At the end of the 15th century, the castle became the seat of knights-robbers, which led to the war expedition of Opole Piasts and the capture of the castle, which was then owned by them until 1532. During the fights, a round castle tower was seriously damaged, which was then repaired with only half the height. During the renovation, a new octagonal tower was erected in the western corner of the walls. After the death of the last Opole Piast John the Good in 1532, the castle passed into the possession of Silesian knight families. In the 17th century it underwent reconstruction to the baroque palace, completely losing its medieval character.


   The castle consisted of a four-sided, brick walls with the form of an irregular trapezium. The dominant element of the castle was a cylindrical tower erected in the first half of the 14th century. The buildings of the courtyard were two, short, irregular, four-sided houses. The larger one was fitted into the south corner, the smaller one stood in the eastern corner. Between the walls in the south-east curtain there was a gate. The perimeter walls were fastened with buttresses. Probably in the fifteenth century, a second, multi-sided turret was created.

Current state

   The medieval, brick castle of the Opole princes is now embedded in the form of a later, baroque palace complex. It survived the period of World War II, however, as a result of the lack of renovations, it gradually turned into a ruin, without ceilings, roofs and partly walls.

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