Chotel Czerwony – St Bartholomew’s Church


   The church was built in the years 1440-50 on the site of an earlier wooden one, from the foundation of the chronicler and clergyman Jan Długosz. A serious renovation about which the chronicles mention, took place in 1645, another one was carried out in the second half of the 19th century. It was then given a storey, neo-gothic porch from the west. After the war in 1947, the church was completely renovated.


   It is a aisleless church, consisting of a nave on a plan similar to a square and a narrower chancel, closed by a straight wall, where the sacristy stands at the north. Two porches are added to the nave, of which the original, Gothic is the southern one. There is a sundial on its outer wall. Outside, the church is clasped with buttresses and surrounded by cornices. The western and eastern gables are divided with pointed blendes and topped with stone crosses. The church is covered with high gable roofs and has pointed windows. In the entrances there are three gothic, stone portals. The interior has been covered with net vaults with coats of arms on bosses.

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