Chorzów – St Lawrence’s Church


   The church of St. Lawrence was founded in 1599 in Knurów. As the number of parishioners turned out to be too small, it was decided to close it and build new stone temples. The decaying wooden church in 1936 was dismantled and moved to Chorzów.


   The church is made of larch wood in log framing, with a tower of apole construction. The chancel is ended on three sides, and the nave is built on a plan similar to a square, with a porch from the south-east. The tower has sloping walls, covered with shingles. The tower’s helmet is pyramidal, topped with a spire ended with a cross. The church has a shingle roof, and a nave ridge turret above the nave. The portals of the church are characterized by decorative forms, referring to the gothic. From the decor of the original interior, a Gothic sculpture of Beautiful Madonna of Knurów from 1420, and the sculpture of St. Anna Samotrzecia, have survived.

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