Chojnów – castle


   The existence of the castle in Chojnów can be guessed already in the 90s of the thirteenth century, some references come from the years 1329 and 1331. It was not an integral part of the city walls, but was located in close proximity to the south-west of the town. It was separated by the Młynówka stream and the wall. In 1418 the castle was destroyed by Hussites, in 1508 it was destroyed by a fire, and in 1510 one of the castle towers collapsed. Therefore, in the years 1546-1547, prince Frederick III rebuilt the stronghold into a Renaissance residence. Its partial demolition occurred a few years after the fire in 1762. The remaining castle buildings, repeatedly transformed, completely lost their original appearance.


   The medieval castle complex had an irregular plan with a shape similar to a triangle. From the north, the entrance was erected, and then the gatehouse was built in front of the face of the walls. In the northern part of the courtyard, west of the gate, there was a free standing, cylindrical main tower. The castle houses were located in both southern corners of the castle. In the fifteenth century, the Gothic palace was expanded. The second south east ward was created with a huge tower with a diameter of 15,45 meters, protruding from the face of the walls.

Current state

   To this day only the north-west range of the castle has survived, but unfortunately it completely lost its original style. Currently, it houses the Regional Museum.

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