Chojna – St Gertrude’s Chapel


The gothic chapel of St. Gertrude was founded in 1409. It probably served a hospital-church functions as a kind of shelter for pilgrims and travelers. Nearby, there was also an unmanaged manor house and a house of the Knights Hospitallers. In the mid-sixteenth century, during the Reformation period, a barn and stable were arranged in the chapel. In 1683, the chapel was restored and dedicated to the new call of Saint John. The temple survived the Second World War, but unfortunately it was partially destroyed in the early 1950s during the organization of the war cemetery.


The chapel was an orientated, three-span, aisleless structure. It was built of brick on a rectangular plan with a three-sided closure of the choir. Its interior was covered with a rib vault. Only the perimeter walls and the western gable with a turret are left from the original building. Inside, there are also a few relics of gothic polychromes depicting plant motifs and fragments of the floor made of polygonal ceramic tiles.

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