Chojna – Augustinian Monastery


   Church of Holy Trinity together with the Augustinian monastery was founded in Chojna by the margraves of Brandenburg in 1290. It was built in three stages during the fourteenth century. The eastern part of the temple creating the conventual choir was probably built in the early fourteenth century. In 1301, the bishop of Kamień, Henryk, already allowed for the burial of the deceased inside the church. The next stage of the extension was the addition of a four-bay western nave in the years 1340 – 1388. The final stage was the erection of the convent hall adjacent to the church from the south. The solemn consecration of the temple took place on March 17, 1388. After the Reformation the church was not used for several decades. Then it served as a cemetery chapel, and at the end of the 19th century, there were utility rooms and a fire station headquarters in it. At that time, the greatest devastation of its interiors took place. Its renovation began in the 1960s and was designated as the seat of the parish.


   The church is a Gothic, elongated hall building without a tower, composed of a four-bay nave and a three-bay, three-side ended chancel. The western gable is decorated with Stargard blendes and pinnacles. From the south, a two-bay chapel adjoins the nave. Outside the church is surrounded by buttresses, between which are three-light pointed windows. The western façade in the ground level has an ogival portal with two pointed recesses on the sides. The nave and the chancel are covered with a common gable roof. A lofty bell tower is added to the south chapel.
   The interior of the church was originally covered with a stellar vault, which was also placed in the southern chapel. In the eastern part, roller ancillary columns were placed on smooth walls, in a polygonal party descended low and ended with decorative brackets with naturalistic ornamentation. The vault of the nave was based differently. There was a system of wall-mounted half-pillars (which are buttresses, partially drawn inside the church) and arches forming high niches in which the windows were embedded. Gothic polychromes depicting the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and images of saints have been preserved on the walls of the nave. On the south side of the choir there are niches with tracery fills and a portal leading to the sacristy, framed by a trefoil arch with wimperg.

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