Chociwel – church of Our Lady of Sorrows


The construction of the church in Chociwel was started at the beginning of the fifteenth century from the chancel. In the middle of the fifteenth century, around 1460, a nave and tower were erected, and in the sixteenth century the sacristy and the annexes located at the north and south elevations. From 1530, the church was in the possession of Protestants. Repairs were carried out many times, among others in 1782, 1867-1868 and 1877. From 1945, it is again a Catholic temple.


It is a temple erected on a rectangular plan in a hall form, orientated towards the sides of the world. It has a four-sided tower on the western side with side openings in the ground floor and facades accented with ogival blendes. The upper part of the tower is already an early modern addition. The four-span chancel on the eastern side is three side ended and topped with a stellar vault. The interior of the corpus has three naves, is separated by two rows of octagonal pillars, supporting the stellar vault in the central nave and rib vaults in the aisles. Originally, the interior of the church was decorated with late-gothic polychromes, after which only fragments have survived.

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