Cerkwica – church of the Sacred Heart


   The church was erected in the fifteenth century on a hill overlooking the village. Since the Reformation until 1945, it was in the possession of Protestants. In 1778, works strengthening the foundation of the tower were made, while in the nineteenth century, the cohesion of church walls with iron clasps was secured. In the twentieth century, the church burned twice, for the first time in 1911, and another in 1927.


   The church was situated on a hill overlooking the village. Originally, it had the shape of an aisleless, rectangular building, without the west tower. All the walls of the temple were made of bricks and reinforced with buttresses, although the interior has a flat, wooden ceiling, not vaults. The eastern gable, completely covered with a decoration in the form of ogival blendes, with two round blendes between them, was particularly rich. Originally, the eastern side probably had only one, centrally pierced, gothic window. The southern wall was originally divided into four parts separated by buttresses, each with one gothic window. The northern wall had a similar division, but only in three parts. Two gothic windows and a stepped ogival entrance portal were created in it. At the junction with the eastern wall, you can also see clear traces of an extension, probably the original sacristy.

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