Byczyna – St Nicholas Church


The first, probably a timber parish church of St. Nicholas is mentioned in documents in 1283. The present brick one was built at the beginning of the fourteenth century, a chancel was erected at that time, and the construction of the nave was perhaps also begun. There is no evidence on the information appearing in the literature, about the master builder from Franconia or Thuringia. In 1430, the temple was plundered by the Hussites, and in the sixteenth century taken over by Protestants.


Gothic church of Saint Nicholas is orientated, buttressed basilica. It consists of a three-nave corpus and a straight ended chancel, which width corresponds to the central nave. The chancel from the north is adjoined by a two-storey sacristy, and from the south by the early modern porch. A second vestibule is added to the north-west part of church, and from the south there is a chapel of the St. Hedwig. A tower on a square plan is added to the western wall, to which a suspended staircase adjoins from the south. In the nineteenth century, the tower, so far completed only with a simple hip roof, received a neo-gothic finial with pseudomachicolation, and roof windows were added. The chapel and the north porch received new gables. Most of the design elements and equipment of the church was created in relation with its regothisation. Exception is a valuable timber, gothic crucifix from the second half of the fifteenth century.

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