Brudzawy – St Andrew the Apostle Church


   The church dedicated to Saint Andrew the Apostle in Brudzawy was established in the first half of the 14th century. After the fire that destroyed the temple before 1445, probably during the reconstruction in the second half of the fifteenth century, the brick part of the tower and the east gable, were erected. However, an earlier building of the tower cannot be excluded, as the shape of the blendes in its upper part suggests the beginning of the second quarter of the fourteenth century.


   The church is built in the gothic style, made of granite boulders in the part of the perimeter walls and the bottom storey of the tower and of bricks in the octagonal part of the tower. Also the eastern gable and the semi-gable at the tower were built of bricks. The temple has an aisleless character with a sacristy from the north and a porch from the south. The square tower in the upper floors becomes octagonal. This part is decorated with slender ogival blendes, one on each side of the octagon.

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