Brochów – church of St Roch and John the Baptist


   The parish church of St. Roch and John the Baptist in Brochów was built in 1551-1561 from the foundation of the owner of the village Jan Brochowski, the Warsaw official. The architect and builder was Jan Baptysta from Venice, the Italian murator settled permanently in Płock, builder of, among others, Warsaw barbican. The building was consecrated in 1596. In 1665, Olbracht Lasocki financed the rebuilding of the church. In 1915, during the military operations of the First World War, the western and southern parts of the temple were destroyed, the vaults collapsed and the interior was dilapidated. The reconstruction was carried out in 1924 – 1929 and then in 1947 – 1948, because the church was damaged again during World War II.


   The building is a three-aisle basilica flanked by three large, cylindrical towers – two in the western corners and one above the presbytery apse. The nave was given the length of four bays, the chancel has two bays and the closing in the form of the said apse. A narthex and a gallery (matroneum) were placed between the towers from the west, a sacristy with a treasury and a porch from the north. The church’s defense was increased by passages with loop holes located above the nave pillars, at the height of the nave windows. The loop holes were also placed at the door, and the area around the church was surrounded by a wall with four corner bastions. The interior was probably originally covered by a timber roof truss.

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