Bożewo – St Andrew’s Church


   The church was built in 1453 from the foundation of Andrzej from Bożewo, the starost of Płońsk and the Płock stolnik, the then owner of the village of Bożewo. In the first half of the 17th century, from the foundation of the Borzewscy family, on the south side, a chapel of St. Anna was added, which was rebuilt in the eighteenth century. In the interwar period, the church was renovated, among others the east gable was reconstructed at that time.


   The church belongs to the group of brick, late-gothic temples from the Masovia area, which architectural form depended on the designs of the buildings from the Teutonic state, the Chełmno and Warmian lands. It is an aisleless church, built on a rectangular plan with a chancel ended with a straight wall. A gothic sacristy adheres to it from the north. A characteristic element of the temple are gables divided with obliquely placed pillars passing into the pinnacles. Between them there are plastered blendes. The facades of the building are decorated with a heavily burnt brick called zendrówka, arranged in diamonds. The western portal placed in a recess crowned with a three-arch and the sacristy portal, ogival in the frame of a shafts, leads into the interior.

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