Bolków – St Hedwig’s church


The church was built around 1250. Initially, it was called the church of Holy Cross. It was mentioned for the first time in 1298 and at that time it was renamed to St. Hedwig, by the bishop of Wrocław, Thomas II. In the 14th century, two side aisles were added. In 1428, as a result of the Hussites invasion, the tower was partially damaged. The Swedes made further destruction in 1646. The tower was rebuilt only in 1816, and a major renovation was carried out in 1846. Unfortunately, the gothic gables were removed, the present hip roof was erected, and the early gothic small windows were replaced, by the present ones.


Originally, it was a brick building on the Greek cross plan with a sacristy added on the south and a tower in early gothic form. From the fourteenth century, the temple was a three-nave, hall structure with the presbytery on a rectangular plan. In the early gothic part, groin vaults have been preserved.

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