Bojszów – All Saints Church


   The church of All Saints in Bojszów appears in written sources in 1447, however dendrological research indicated that the present church dates from 1506. It was erected from the foundation of the Ozorowski family. In 1545, a tower was added to the temple.


   The church was erected in a log construction, as a structure orientated towards the parts of the world with a nave situated the longer sides on the east-west line. A three-sided, narrower and lower chancel adjoins the nave from the east with the sacristy at the north side, and a tower with a porch on the west. The tower has a pillar structure and its walls are boarded with planks. In the upper storey it has a suspended porch with a conical, octagonal helmet. The roof of the church was covered with shingles and crowned with a turret ridge. The church is surrounded by arcades, and the women’s porch was added to the nave from the south. Late gothic elements of the interior include portals from the 16th century closed with trefoil arches, as well as a 16th-century oak stoup.

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