Bogaczów – St Lawrence’s Church


   The church of St. Lawrence in Bogaczów was erected probably at the beginning of the 14th century. For the first time it was mentioned in historical sources in 1323. It has been renovated and modernized many times. In the 17th century it was partially rebuilt in the Baroque style. During the Reformation it became the property of Lutherans and was used by them until 1668.


   The church was created as orientated towards the sides of the world, a Gothic building with a rectangular nave and a narrower chancel ended polygonal. From the west side, a high tower was erected, and from the north a sacristy. The nave and the sacristy are covered with gable roofs, a gable roof is placed over the presbytery, passing into a pyramid roof, and the tower, reinforced with two buttresses, has been covered with a pyramid roof ending with a spire. The roof of the nave was lowered in early modern times, as evidenced by the traces on the eastern wall.

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