Bobrowo – St James’ Church


   The church of St. James in Bobrowo was erected on the initiative of bishop of Chełmno Heidenryk. In 1260, the construction of the chancel and nave began, which was expanded at the beginning of the 14th century. Probably it was one of the earliest sacral buildings in the Brodnica region.


   The church is made of brick in flemish bond, on the foundation of glacial erratic boulders. The oldest elements are the square nave and the narrower chancel with a three-sided closure on the east side. The original tower was wooden, only in the first half of the 17th century it was replaced by a brick one. A vaulted sacristy adjoins the chancel from the north, the porch was added during the Baroque period. The church walls were topped with a plastered frieze and pierced with pointed windows. The west corners of the nave and chancel are strengthened with buttresses.

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