Bobolice – castle


The castle in Bobolice was built around 1350 by king Casimir the Great, as part of the defense system of the western border of the Kingdom of Poland. In 1370, on the occasion of his coronation, Louis I of Hungary gave it to prince Władysław Opolczyk, who then gave the fortress to Hungarian Andrzej Schona. A dozen or so years later, king Władysław Jagiełło had to recapture the castle, because it became a rogue stronghold. At the end of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries they ruled it, among others, Szafrańcowie, Trestkowie, Krezowie, and later Chodakowscy, Męcińscy and Myszkowscy families. The first serious destruction was caused by the invasion of archduke Maximilian Habsburg from 1587, followed by the period of the Swedish wars in the middle of the 17th century. The last information about the residence of the castle comes from the beginning of the 18th century, later it was certainly abandoned and began to fall into a gradually dismantled ruin. In 2011, it was rebuilt by a private investor.


Unfortunately, there is no data to accurately recognize the medieval spatial layout of the castle. Among the debris of the walls, one could distinguish the perimeter wall running along the edges of the hill. Within it, there was a residential house. Probably in the fifteenth century, semi-circular towers, strengthening the defense system, were added. The upper castle was adjoined by an outer bailey with a perimeter wall and entrance from the eastern side. Later modernizations consisted of expanding the residential part with chambers and a chapel on the floors, as well as a kitchen, pantry and treasury in the ground floor.

Current state

The Bobolice castle was lifted from the ruin, but the final effect is a source of much controversy. Apparently, a group of specialists watched over the reconstruction, but it does not change the fact that, due to the lack of source messages, we can not be sure how the castle really looked like. Another problem is the artificiality and lack of climate of the new castle. It is available for visitors on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 and 16:00.

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