Birów – open air museum


The oldest traces of settlement on the Birów hill are from the end of the Neolithic period and the beginning of the Bronze Age. It is also known that this place was inhabited in VI-V BC, by representatives of the Lusatian culture. Then in the IV and V centuries AD, the Germanic tribes inhabited the hill, a series of remains of vessels were found from this period. The settlement was continued by the 8th century Slavs, who decided to fortify the hill from the north-east side with a stone and wooden rampart and from the west side with a lime mortar wall. In this way, the natural walls created by the rocks were supplemented. The hillfort was burnt in the first half of the 14th century, which was probably related to the fights between Władysław Łokietek and the Czech king, Wacław II. It has not been rebuilt anymore.

Current state

Currently on the Birów Hill is a reconstruction of a medieval fortified settlement, which unfortunately does not bring us closer to the actual appearance of the old fortifications. The objections are, among others, to the appearance of the hut, the location of the main gate or the watchtower. It is worth hoping that at least some of these elements will be improved in the future.

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