Bierzgłowo – church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


   The church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Bierzgłowo was built after 1300, and the first written records about it come from 1319. This temple, originally bearing the call of Saint Lawrence, is one of the oldest sacred buildings on the Chełmno Land.


   The church is a simple Gothic, orientated towards the sides of the world (with the presbytery directed to the east) aisleless building, erected for the most part from erratic stones with the use of bricks in windows, portals and gables. It was founded on a rectangular plan, without a chancel separated from the external body and covered with a gable roof. The shorter sides were topped with two stepped gables decorated with blendes. Two ogival, richly moulded portals: west and south led to the interior crowned with a flat, wooden ceiling.

Current state

    The church has preserved the original spatial arrangement to this day, disturbed only by the neo-Gothic porch on the southern side. Of the two gables, the western one is original Gothic, and the eastern one is neo-Gothic. Medieval church’s equipment have not survived.

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