Białowice – church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


The church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was built at the end of the fifteenth or early sixteenth century using the walls of the older temple. In the eighteenth century it was enlarged by a sacristy and a porch. Since the time of the Reformation to 1945, it served the Evangelicals.


It is a brick of stone building, single-nave with a separated chancel and a rectangular tower from the west. The presbytery was reinforced with thick buttresses. An early modern sacristy was added to its northern wall, and a porch was erected next to the nave. Inside, there are renaissance wooden matronea made by Martel Bisel in 1567, and the presbytery is covered with a net vault. A late romanesque stone baptismal font from the 13th century has also been preserved. The church is surrounded by a 15th century stone wall.

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