Bardo – castle


The castle in Bardo was built at the end in the 13th or early 14th century on the slope of Kalwaria Mountain. In 1301, Bolko the Strict sold it to a knight from Dzbanów. It was probably destroyed during the Hussite Wars around 1425.


The castle consisted of an oval upper castle and a south-facing outer bailey. The proper castle – the upper one – occupied the area of about 500 m2 and was surrounded by walls, about 2 meters thick. The free-standing tower had diameters of 10 meters. To the west of it were three residential and utility buildings, one of which had thicker walls and could be a tower.

Current state

To this day, only the outline of the foundations and ground parts has been preserved and superstructured during the conservation activities. Admission to the castle area is free.

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