Barczewo – church of St Anne and St Stephen


The church of St. Anne and St. Stephen in Barczewo was built in the first half of the 14th century, and at the end of the 15th century, a tower was added. The earliest mention of its parish priest, Henricus, is from 1337. The building was repeatedly damaged by fires, including in 1414, during the Thirteen Years’ War and in 1544. During the reconstruction undertaken after the last one, elaborate net, diamond and stellar vaults were placed above the naves. Renovations were also carried out after the fires in the 17th and at the end of the 18th century. In 1894, the temple was enlarged by a small, neo-gothic chancel. During World War II, the building suffered damages, but the renovation work was completed until 1962. In 1988-1989 the interior of the church was renovated.


It is a gothic building, made of brick, orientated towards the sides of the world. Originally it consisted of a rectangular three-nave corpus, a shallow south porch, a sacristy on the north side and a lofty tower on the western side. The tower is decorated with blendes, has seven storeys and just like the naves, it is reinforced with buttresses. Under the eaves of the roof and under the arched windows there are cornices, and above the windows there is also a plastered frieze. The interior of the temple is three-nave, and its ceiling consists of three types of vaults: stellar, net and diamond. They are supported by four pairs of octagonal pillars in the naves. The sacristy’s vault has two bays. The most valuable medieval element of the church’s furnishings is the gothic crucifix from around 1500.

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