Bąkowa Góra – castle


The exact date of the erection of the knight’s court in Bąkowa Góra is not known, but its construction at the end of the 14th century is associated with the person of castellan of Rozprza, Zbigniew Bąk. A stone castle stood on the site of an earlier, small, wooden castle and was surrounded by an earth ramparts. In the sixteenth century, the building underwent a minor renovation, which did not cause significant changes in appearance. It was used until the 18th century, when it was most likely abandoned due to too harsh housing conditions.


The building measuring 32×14 meters was two, and maybe even three-storey. This is evidenced by the very thick walls of the lowest storey. It had two avant-corpses, of which the eastern one was the original entrance to the manor house and perhaps it also was a tower, about which the inherited perturbations of the 15th century owners are mentioned. At the end of the fifteenth century, a puncture of the side entrance was made.

Current state

Today, the small castle in Bąkowa Góra is a well-preserved, partly reconstructed, ruin. Free admission at any time of the year.

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