Riga – St George’s Church


Church of St. George was founded at the beginning of the thirteenth century on the initiative of the Order of Livonian Brothers of the Sword, as the chapel of the first castle, or rather an order court. In 1297 it was damaged during battles between the townspeople and the order, fortunately unlike the neighboring castle, it avoided total destruction. After 1330, master Everhard von Monheim began building a new castle on the Daugava river, and on the site of the old, next to the church of St. George was erected a hospital and a monastery of Holy Spirit. In the mid-sixteenth century, due to the Reformation, the temple was closed and the building began to be used as a warehouse. It served this function until 1989, when the Museum of Decorative Applied Arts was installed here after the renovation.


The original church was a simple, one nave building with a chancel ended with apse, located on the south-west side of the first order castle complex.

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