Uue Kastre – Bishop’s Castle Warbeck


The castle was erected around 1392 to strengthen the control and safety of travelers sailing the Emajõgi River towards Lake Pejpus. Hence the German name of the castle meant “river dam”. Like most of the castles of the Dorpat bishopric, it was destroyed by the Muscovite army in 1558. In 1704, a river battle between the Swedish and Russian fleets took place nearby. At that time, the castle was already in ruin.


The castle was built on the border of vast swamps. It was a modest building whose walls were limited to a massive cylindrical tower, a castle house and a wall protecting them. It is possible that there were two more buildings, perhaps of tower-like character. On the western side there was a fortified, but wooden outer bailey.

Current state

The castle has not survived to modern times.

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